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Selling Affordable Disposable Fast Furious Fashion in more than 450+ doors PAN India, through Exclusive outlets & Multi Branded Outlets.

CWPL caters the Fashion Conscious nationwide through runway inspired fashion with the shortest possible lead time. Catwalk is India’s leading women’s footwear Brand selling one pair every 15 seconds (During operational hours).

What’s In Store For You?

Our standard franchise agreement will be initially set for 3 years, after which you are given the option to renew the agreement. We intend to help you out with the latest technologies in the industry and thus offer detailed operating manuals, as well as expert guidance from the Head office to all franchises. Additionally, in-field assistance would also be provided in selected cities.

Our standard franchise agreement will be initially set for 3 years, after which you are given the option to renew the agreement.

Pre-Opening Requirements

You ought to be an existing footwear chain store with at least 2 years' experience and a ready business plan. To be considered for this opportunity, you will need to submit the following:

• Brand-wise sales achievement copy for the past 6 months.

• Pictures of your store (long shot, in-store left, right, and back shot, back-store).

Property Design And Layout

• Type of property required for the opportunity: Commercial

• Floor area requirement: 500 sq. ft.

• Features: Air-conditioned

Priority would be always given to franchisees selling like-minded brands of Apparels, Footwear & Accessories. Catwalk's name board should further be kept at the entrance and should be visible from outside.

Additionally, the design and layout need to be installed as follows:

• The walls should be of the dimension 8x8ft and should include our signage.

• T5 (LED), warm white or yellow lights need to be installed along with the fixtures.

• All materials for marketing activities should be provided by the Brand.

Commercial Details

• The stock correction needs to be accurate.

• Any shortages in RTV would be considered sold, and thus the partner will have to pay for the same.

• All costs associated with door-to-door deliveries would be borne by the brand.

• All updates regarding GRN and sales should be daily accounted for in Catwalk’s portal.

• The Net realized value is calculated as MRP-Discount and should be around 28%. The stock deposit is Rs 4, 80,000.

Stock Count 600
AVG MRP 2000
Total Cost 1200000
40% off the Total Cost 480000


The payments should be made electronically on every Monday for the past week’s sales (from Monday through Sunday).

Feel free to get in touch with us through below form if you would like to dive deep into the details, drop us a line and we will get back to you.



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