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The mission of the Catwalk Foundation is to help young people realize their dreams and potential through the power of education. The Catwalk Foundation is committed to dedicating its resources to help young people build confidence, make connections in their communities, and grasp opportunities to succeed. The aim of the Foundation is to empower young people to use their intellectual capability — that will help them to imagine and achieve their life goals.


The Catwalk Foundation recognizes that while the nature of exploration has changed, the horizons today’s young people seek to conquer are no less daunting than the South Pole was a century ago. The twenty-first century requires new skills among young people who are looking to become successful adults in today’s multicultural, diverse global community. They must be educated well beyond their primary school years; they must be skilled in language and relationships and be technologically and culturally fluent; and they must navigate difficult decisions and locate trustworthy mentors to open doors to professional careers and meaningful lives.


The Catwalk Foundation serves young people by helping them to:

  • gain confidence in their daily lives and develop self-esteem;
  • build connections to their families, friends, partners, and society at large; and
  • Develop the ability to reach for opportunities in school, work, and life.

Confidence, connection, and opportunity are critical components of a youth’s life. Confidence supports an individual from the inside; connection to community provides nurturing and support from the outside; and opportunities make possible the way forward in work, love, and life. By supporting young people in these three critical components, the Catwalk Foundation aims to kindle their creative spirit, which we believe is innate in everyone and which empowers young people to envision their futures and go after their dreams.
While creativity may find its purest expression through the arts, it is an essential facilitator of human relationships and individual success. Creativity permits us to solve problems, to communicate effectively, and to empathize with others. It helps us to imagine our desires and express our experience.

A young person who has the confidence of his or her creative spirit is a young person for whom the horizon is wide open.


The Catwalk Foundation will support the creative spirit and the ambition of the young people of today by providing them with the foundation that will help them to navigate the uncertain terrain of their age and of the complex world in which we live.
In this pursuit Catwalk Foundation supports the Sw. G.A. Ameriwala Education and Medical Charitable Trust, located in Ahawa, zilla Dang in the tribal areas of Gujarat. The trust runs a primary and lower secondary school for 128 students and also houses them in a hostel located next to the school.
The Catwalk Foundation invests in select charities focused on supporting young people in the key cities in the regions where the majority of Catwalk employees live and work. The Foundation facilitates and encourages Catwalk employees to participate in volunteer roles with our charity partner on the ground.

Elements of the Catwalk Foundation

  • Grant making in key regions
  • Encourage Catwalk employee involvement with charities

We are always interested to hear about innovative programs that empower the creative spirit in young people. If you would like to send us information about your charity’s work, please contact the Catwalk Foundation at:
Catwalk Worldwide Private Limited, 220 Atlas Mills Compound, Reay Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra400010